Neverliria – Game Design

Hello again! You are reading the second part of Neverliria’s development diaries. In this article we will briefly describe the game design of this project. What kind of gaming experience is Neverliria designed to give the user and why do we consider it unique? The answer is below.





Extraction and manipulations of resources are the basis of the Neverliria gameplay. From one point of view, this process is similar to the survival genre. If we consider other details, it looks like a strategy. But the unifying idea was to create something new and unique, to demonstrate a fresh look at the resources in survival games. We are used to extracting standard materials (wood-stone-iron hierarchy), building wooden homes, fishing, frying fishes on fire, growing wheat in every survival game…

But… How would you evaluate the opportunity of melting in the furnace a golden phoenix egg, grown on a farm, instead of iron?

Or maybe you would like to recruit leprechauns for the automation of production and protection?

Neverliria сan offer you this. And yet, there is no wheat in our game. Only corn.

In addition, as we have already noted in the first part of the diary, the player can interact directly with each kind of resources without additional interfaces, even carry them by folding into chests… and lose due to the treachery of enemies.


Sources of light will be the basic way of protection against enemies. Being near the burning fire with frozen in the hypnotic state shadows around, you will be is tense, but still in safety… while it is burning. The player can put additional wood in the fire to keep it active for a longer time.

But this would be just the beginning. We try to give the player plenty of opportunities for development in Neverliria.

Phoenix – reliable source of light

As you progress, you will be faced with new enemies, which will be harder to handle. Players will have to learn from their own experience and look for their own survival strategies. New threats will motivate players to replace temporary sources of light with more reliable, permanent, strengthen them with other protective constructions, actively explore the game world in the search for new resources and opportunities.

In the next part of the diary we are going to describe the character design in our game, to show what creatures (friendly and hostile) inhabit our fairy-fantasy world, to share both implemented in-game materials and other early concepts. So stay with us! And remember that the demo version of the game is already available for download.

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