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Greetings! It’s been more than a week since our last publication. The date of the Neverliria release is getting closer every day, so the development of the game is coming to an end. Today we have prepared for you a big pack of new materials. This is the final part of the diary, in which… Read Article →

Finally, it is time for the third part of Neverliria’s development diaries. Today we would like to talk briefly about some creatures and characters that inhabit the world of Neverliria.         Every night the troops of darkness patrol the Forests of Neverliria in search of living souls. Their swordsmen and heavy knights… Read Article →

Hello again! You are reading the second part of Neverliria’s development diaries. In this article we will briefly describe the game design of this project. What kind of gaming experience is Neverliria designed to give the user and why do we consider it unique? The answer is below.       Resources. Extraction and manipulations… Read Article →

Hello! Today we publish the first part from the diary of our new project development. In this part we would like to describe the game itself – Neverliria, how the idea of this game was originated and what distinguishes our survival sandbox game from the variety of other games in this genre.      … Read Article →

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